Updating sansa e280

05-Nov-2017 18:11

the e260 is beefier than the ipod nano, but so is the samsung yepp yp-z5.the difference here is that the e260 manages to maintain a very hip sleekness that the z5's boxy, more industrial design can't swing.the built-in voice recorder is pretty robust, capturing in mono at 48 khz in wav format, though some digital noise pops up here and there in the recordings.it would be nice if you could adjust the quality of recording, since uncompressed wav files at 48 khz take up quite a bit of room.Welcome to the PC Pitstop Driver Library, the internet's most complete and comprehensive source for driver information.

of course, reformatting the player is as simple as reformatting any hard drive (just be sure to select fat32 as the file system).

because the ring protrudes significantly from the player's front, the thin surrounding buttons can be tough to get at, especially for larger fingers.

in the lower left corner of the e260's face, there's a power button that also takes you to the main menu screen when pressed briefly; this button could use a bit more tactile feedback (i.e.

on the right side, there's a tiny microsd slot, which means you can expand the e260's storage beyond its built-in memory.

sandisk also plays up the microsd slot's significance because it accepts the company's trustedflash cards, which usually have some type of drmed premium content like music or movie trailers, as well as samples of other content available online.you can also use the play/pause and contextual menu buttons to move up and down in lists if you desire more precision.