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Later, a DEA agent shows up at her door inquiring about Peter's whereabouts.  " Shit Highway" Episode #3004 Written By: Roberto Benabib Directed By: Martha Coolidge Guest Star: Page Kennedy Special Guest Star: Matthew Modine Logline:  Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) explores alternate sources of income, including obtaining a real job.  To Celia's (ELIZABETH PERKINS) dismay, the Agrestic city council needs Doug's (KEVIN NEALON) vote when developer Sullivan Groff (MATTHEW MODINE) makes his proposal.  Conrad (ROMANY MALCO) and Heylia (TONYE PATANO) set up their new growhouse.  Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) performs his community service, while Andy (JUSTIN KIRK) gets into trouble doing his military service.Synopsis:  Under financial pressure from U-Turn (PAGE KENNEDY), Nancy decides she must obtain a real job.  After getting resume help from Shane (ALEXANDER GOULD), she lands a job working for Sullivan Groff (MATTHEW MODINE).Sullivan is the face of the neighboring faith-based town, Majestic.  When his company and community need help from Agrestic, he proposes a deal to the Agrestic city council.  Doug (KEVIN NEALON) leverages his knowledge to retake his seat on the council.Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes Tonye Patano - Heylia James Romany Malco - Conrad Shepard Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson Haley Hudson - Quinn Hodes Justin Chatwin - Josh Wilson Indigo - Vaneeta James Tyrone M.Nancy Botwin would claim she started dealing pot to support her family.

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Meanwhile, Celia (ELIZABETH PERKINS) has Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) arrested for stealing her " Drug Free Zone" signs.  Nancy visits him in jail only to discover that the pot is still in his car – the one that Celia has just driven away in.

Meanwhile, when his battle buddy, Rodriguez (JUSTIN HUEN), is killed, Andy (JUSTIN KIRK) goes AWOL in panic.

Nancy is able to dodge the DEA's questions about Peter for the time being, but she can't dodge U-Turn.

Spiro Special Guest Star: Carrie Fisher Guest Star: Page Kennedy Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) gathers Silas (HUNTER PARRISH), Shane (ALEXANDER GOULD), Andy (JUSTIN KIRK) and Lupita (RENEE VICTOR) to brainstorm ways to come up with the money to pay off her debt to U-Turn (PAGE KENNEDY).  Celia (ELIZABETH PERKINS) meets with her divorce lawyer Arlene Cutter (CARRIE FISHER), who recommends she start spending more quality time with daughter and cash cow Isabel (ALLIE GRANT) if she wants custody.

Celia tries to bond with Isabel in her motel room, but the girl calls in Child Protective Services.While doing community service, Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) meets the beautiful, religious Tara Lindman (MARY-KATE OLSEN).