Graphic dating violence stories

19-Nov-2017 21:17

A number of witnesses expressed thanks for being given the opportunity to tell their stories for the first time.Other voices were angrier, reminding the Committee that the facts about sexual violence and harassment are well known, as are the shortcomings plaguing our response system.This legislation, if passed, would implement more of the components of Its Never Okay.Recognizing that the Ontario government shares a commitment to preventing sexual violence and harassment and improving Ontarios response system, the Committee decided to structure its report around the major initiatives in Its Never Okay.As has happened many times, these reports were initially met with skepticism and even ridicule: Why didnt she say something earlier if it was so bad?or I know him, he would never do something like that.The Members of the Select Committee are united by the experience of listening to survivors, family members, advocates, and health care, justice, and social support workers across the province.Although many of the incidents that were related were profoundly disturbing, just as troubling were the difficulties that survivors faced in their attempts to obtain support or justice.

Sexual violence and harassment are complex problems with deep roots, requiring a long-term strategy and multi-year commitment.We owe this much to all of our witnesses, and to all of Ontario.In March 2015, the Ontario government launched Its Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment.People who may have doubted the stories when they first broke were forced to realize the extent of the problem.

Skepticism turned into solidarity and a commitment to social change.

This plan contains numerous commitments, including a public education campaign to challenge attitudes, supports to improve the experience of survivors in the criminal justice system, and the introduction of legislation to enhance the civil claims process and address sexual violence and harassment in the workplace, on campuses, and in rental housing.