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Amanda is Michelle's first cousin, "big sister," and best friend all at once.

She attended nursing school at OBU two years ahead of Michelle and was always there to give advice and encouragement along the way.

Sharing a room sophomore year of college, Kelly and Michelle became close friends through the ups and downs of nursing school.

Michelle loves this season of life with Kelly as they are both brides and getting married just three weeks apart! Sally was Michelle's across the hall neighbor throughout their freshman and sophomore years of college and housemate senior year of college!

She also met her husband online, which was Michelle's inspiration to give online dating a shot.

Michelle was honored to be her Maid of Honor in 2014 and can't wait to trade roles with her now! Sarina helped throw Michelle's first OBU birthday party and the friendship only grew from there.

Thomas and Chris also attended Mentor Christian together, first becoming acquainted on the varsity soccer team under the coaching of co-officiant Mike Hixson.

Their friendship grew while Chris was away at William Jewell, and he, Lee, and Chris soon became an inseparable trio.

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From Salina Youth Symphony stand partners to Ski trip roommates to Saturday morning coffee buddies, Sarah and Michelle have shared many special memories.

Lee and Chris attended Mentor Christian School together for twelve years.

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