Dating a canon camera

17-Dec-2017 16:39

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If you recall, Sony made a big investment into Olympus back in 2012, and using their partnership, it could be that Olympus' technology for body-based IS is making its way into Sony Alpha cameras.

(Sony of course has also had body-based IS technology in some of their cameras for years, but the 5-axis aspect of this system is an advancement into an area where Olympus already had expertise.) Interestingly, the A7M2's sensor-shift image stabilization works in concert with the Optical Steady Shot system built into OSS-equipped E-mount lenses, with the body compensating for roll, vertical and horizontal motion while the lens compensates for pitch and yaw, offering better correction than employing just the in-body stabilization.

This move has given Sony the space to add an additional "C2" custom function button up to the top deck.

The custom function buttons are said to support 56 different function assignments for tremendous customizability.

It is possible they numbered these cameras starting at 100, so if they produced 2025, the final serial number would be on or about 2125 which would explain the number of this example.n 1888, George Eastman brought his landmark "Kodak Camera" to market and his business exploded.

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The Daylight cameras were marketed towards travelers and tourists to take advantage of the fact they didn't need darkness to load them – certainly convenient while traveling or out in nature.In most cases, the Ordinary cameras sell for almost twice what Daylight cameras sell for.

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