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He captioned the video: 'Could've been a little slower and better under control wth (sic) these 160s today...but sometimes you've just got to let the intensity flow.Great chest day with @josh_lenartowicz in @project_flex_fl''So they cleared out his passageways and removed the food in their, the blockage.'And Josh actually cleared the passageways and removed the blockage, did CPR and when the ambulance came they continued.'Brought him to the hospital and tried to resuscitate him, but unfortunately it didn't work out.' He added that Mc Carver 'was generous and kind to everybody.' The 6'1', 300-lb athlete began competing in the bodybuilding circuit when he was 21 and quickly started winning popular competitions. Back in March, Mc Carver suffered a health scare when he collapsed onstage at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia.He placed first in the NPC Hub City Fitness Quest Junior Heavyweight category in 2011. At the time, he apparently had an upper respiratory infection that became a 'bad case of bronchitis' which lead to his collapse, The Hollywood Life reported. ' Mc Carver's girlfriend also started replying back to some social media users who had offered her condolences over his shocking death. All we can do is be strong for him and pray like he would like,' Brooke tweeted in reply to Natalya Neidhart, one of her WWE co-stars and friends.In addition, she said it does not appear that the 26-year-old tried to harm himself.The 26-year-old bodybuilding superstar known to fans as 'Big Country' was found unconscious Monday evening by a friend shortly after speaking on the phone with his girlfriend WWE star Dana Brooke, TMZ reported Brooke (pictured together above) said the last thing Mc Carver told her was that he was going to cook dinner and said, 'I love you.

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Every time I do mouth-to-mouth there's like something in his throat I can't get it out,' Lenartowicz told the 911 operator in a frantic phone call.Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, said the last thing Mc Carver told her was that he was going to cook dinner and said, 'I love you.

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