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20-Jul-2017 04:29

When Kroll started hanging out with Meissner, Rose felt a bit slighted by Kroll and let him know it.

This was the beginning of a sometimes awkward love triangle between the three cast members.

While Shep is still wary about the full package, the hoo doo love doll Cameran gifts him is not. In fact, she loves hosting his crowd as she can purchase all the liquor from Costco and they’d never know the difference.

She explains to Shep that she was going to put a spell on Shep to fall for Chelsea, but now she’s going to let him use it to pursue his dream girl–when and if he finds her. He’s setting the table for Pat’s casual dinner party, but she’s neglected to bring her bell. I really, really want to run into Patricia at Costco. Things between Naomie and Craig are still tense, but he’s trying to blow off some steam by embroidering cats on their fancy pillow cases.

T-Rav has been feeling down and out about his player ways and needs a pick-me-up…preferably one with lady bits. He recaps his bro code conversation with Shep on the basketball court.

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They’ve been sugarcoating him for a while now.” I’m pretty sure he’s been partying, sleeping in, and hitting on girls this whole time.

When Meissner came on the scene this season, Cameran Eubanks had it in her mind that she was going to get Meissner together with co-star Shep Rose.

Unfortunately, ladies’ man Rose struck out a bit and his friend Kroll stepped up to the plate.

It’s a wake-up call for the eternal frat boy, for sure! Craig finds one thing after another wrong with the potential investment property. Cameran suspects that Craig is just telling Naomie what she wants to hear, but that is no way to build a relationship. On his new health kick, Shep decides he’d like to join her. While he’s working on his fitness, Austen Kroll takes Chelsea to one of my favorite spots, Holy City Brewing.

Across town, Whitney Sudler-Smith is plotting with his mother Patricia Altschul to bring together Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements. Craig isn’t happy to learn that Naomie has spoken about their rifts to Cameran, and he admits that he will begin to resent her if he has to appease her at every turn. Chelsea is very flirty as Austen tries to educate her on the subtle notes of Dorchester Lite.cast and she made it to the Final Three on the show, but she did not win.

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